Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another week - A New Project

A baby afghan will be this weeks project

My friend Judy is having her first baby, so a perfect gift would be a cozy baby blanket.

Oh, it’s going to be a girl...and I hope to be able to help spoil her.

I found a crochet pattern that I thought would be perfect, so I spent next three days crocheting away. Well, I just don’t like the look, and decided it was time to start all over, and this time I found aknitting pattern that fitmy needs.

With a big project like this, I decided that I needed to break up my time, and also create some jewelry for my ArtFire online shop. Well, I completed six copper cuff bracelets, copper coiled earrings, and three Peruvian threaded earrings.

The baby afghan is going very slowly, so I decided to also work on a seven eleven scarf to give my eyes a break and add some color into my project. Hopefully I’ll be further along on but of these projects next week. I really need to get the scarf into the mail, and the baby should be here just before Christmas...

More next week .....