Friday, October 29, 2010

Colors of Fall Bracelet

ArtBeads is celebrating the gorgeous “Colors of Fall” and I am really excited to participate as their blogging partner.

The wonderful fall hues were a true challenge. I love the greens, oranges and rusts of the fall colors, but my minds eye kept moving toward the rich purples, and my final selection were the Venetian Glass Amethyst Luna beads.

And to think, just a few years ago I would have told you I didn’t like the color purple, but purple is now my favorite color.

The Venetian beads are a beautiful color with gold and silver foil, with a hint of copper giving them an abstract look, and reminding me of fall colored leaves.

The antique copper grooved beads, the matte amethyst czech roundel beads, the gold kenya heishi all complemented the venetian focals, completing my design vision.

Can’t wait to see what Winter might bring....

The Legal Stuff: I have received the beads in this design free-of-charge from Artbeads.Com. I am reviewing the products honestly, from the above mentioned company, and the above post represents only the personal opinion of the blog author. I am not being compensated by for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received and reviewed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ThisThisAndThat Has Been Featured.....

ThisThisAndThat has been featured in the ArtFire SRAJD’s Guild Curated Collection!

My Chunks and Coils Bracelet has been featured along with eleven other very talented jewelry artisans designs. I wish to thank "PerhapsTurquoise" for showcasing all these beautiful designs.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mother Goose continued....

The kids are growing and looking more and more like Mom & Dad.

Wonder how much longer they'll be around?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mother Goose

No, this is not a Fairytail, but a story about a family of Canadian Geese that have established a home in the shopping center where I work.

Last year:

I’ll never forget last summer just as I arrived at work, I spotted Mom, Dad, and two baby geese taking a stroll through the parking lot, heading towards Longhorn Steakhouse. A very strange sight to see, wishing that I had a camera to take a photo.

This year:

Just a few months ago I again spotted a male goose taking a stroll through the parking lot, knowing the the female must be close by, probably sitting on a nest of eggs, and hoping the baby geese would be hatching soon.

About a week later, I again spotted the new happy family by the holding pond in the early morning hours, Mom, Dad and babies. What fun it has been watching them grow day by day.

They are often spotted by the pond, on the grass by the furniture store nibbling on the clover, or under a tree taking a nap, or visiting the Emission Station Business where fresh water and food are provided for them every morning by the caring employees.

What fun it has been to watch Mother Goose and her family, and her loyal protector, father to the two darling babies. Hope I’ll have the pleasure to watch nature in action again next summer.